Free, transparent and valid for 36 months: The new BMW and MINI Tyre Insurance. 100-per-cent refund for damage in first year.

With the purchase of Original BMW and MINI Tyres or complete wheel sets with star marking, customers automatically receive the new BMW and MINI Tyre Insurance for 36 months free-of-charge. The insurance provides 100-per-cent reimbursement of tyre costs for damage in the first 12 months. With this approach, the BMW Group is setting a new standard in the marketplace.

The customer automatically receives tyre insurance with the purchase of a new set of tyres or complete wheel sets from BMW or MINI. The purchase date marks the start of insurance. For a period of 36 months, customers are insured against all forms of tyre damage caused by sharp objects, such as nails or broken glass, damage resulting from hitting the kerb during parking, vandalism and theft.

BMW and MINI Tyre Insurance therefore does not need a complicated catalogue of criteria to determine eligibility: Insurance coverage is determined only by the purchase date, making the process transparent and easy for the customer to understand: For the first year after purchase, 100 per cent of tyre costs from damage are reimbursed. In the second year, the BMW Group covers 75 per cent of costs and in the third year, half. The BMW Group thereby guarantees carefree “Sheer driving pleasure” and safe travels at no extra cost.

“Our tyre insurance offers customers a full-service package at no cost. One reason more for our customers to buy Original BMW and MINI Tyres or complete wheel sets,” explains Christian Mück, Vice President Marketing Management Products & Services at the BMW Group. “In this way, the BMW Group is demonstrating once again that customer satisfaction and premium service are our top priority.”

The BMW Group works in close collaboration with various international tyre manufacturers during development of a new BMW or MINI model. Tyres are tested for around 50 different factors, including wear, braking distance, high-speed performance and comfort in extensive simulations and strict field tests. The result is Original BMW and MINI Tyres with star marking tailored to the specific model and drive system – for example, BMW xDrive or MINI ALL4 – guaranteeing excellent handling, stability and control in all weathers and any traffic situation. BMW and MINI tyres also offer low rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption. Equipped with run-flat technology, BMW and MINI tyres can be driven for a further 80 kilometres at a speed of 80 km/h in the event of an emergency. Original complete wheel sets with run-flat winter tyres provide a significant safety advantage, particularly in winter, allowing customers to drive to the next BMW service garage without stopping if a problem occurs.

The new BMW and MINI Tyre Insurance is available in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, as well as Spain, Italy and Portugal. BMW and MINI retailers in Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania also started offering the customer-friendly tyre insurance in March 2017. It covers the whole of Europe and is therefore also valid for driving abroad.

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