Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Should 20mph be the default speed in Urban areas?

A press release from the 'go-slow' charity Brake, is putting pressure on the UK government to make 20mph speed limits the national default for urban areas.

What do you think?

PRODUCT: Retro-fit MINI Heads-up Display

MINI has launched an aftermarket version of its popular Heads-up Display (HUD) found in Gen-3 MINIs. 

The video above shows the item placed upon the car's dashboard rather than integrated into it like Gen-3 factory models, but the desire to have the latest and coolest bit of MINI Kit is likely to be enough of a draw to make this successful.

The HUD is a semi-transparent display of the car's movements and useful information, including direction, distance, arrival time, lane assist, traffic warnings, speed limits and safety cameras, as well as free map update once a year. 

The new product is available from MINI dealerships for around £500, with a fitting time of just one hour. 

What do you think, is it worth it?

Riley Elf stolen before being used for charity event

STOLEN: Riley Elf TGC 596E

The Croydon Advertiser is reporting the theft of a 48-year old Riley Elf which was being used to help raise money at charity events.

Owner Roger Gourd reported the classic motor missing from outside his home on Homefield Road, Old Coulsdon on Friday (25th September) at around 21:30. Mr Gourd has been using the car, amongst other classics to attend local charity events and help raise money through interest in his cars. 

In fact, he was due to attend a MacMillan Cancer Support morning the very next day, and has already helped raise over £700k through his charitable work.

"I'm still seething over it," said Mr Gourd. "I'm annoyed, why couldn't they leave it alone? They can get another car, a modern car, leave my car alone."

The car itself has been rebuilt over 25 years of ownership, with a new engine and nitrogen-filled tyres (with green tipped valves).

Industry news: Falken creates revolutionary quieter tyre

Car owners and urban residents across the world will be pleased to hear that Falken Tyres have created a new tyre manufacturing process which reduces drive-by noise by up to ten decibels and cabin noise by four decibels.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

RACE REPORT: MINI Challenge Rd6 - Donington


All words and photos David Young & MINI Challenge

These two rounds were supposed to be a Saturday one day event on the Silverstone National circuit. Unfortunately MSVR got bumped by Silverstone so we ended up going to Donington for a two-day event.  Luckily the GP circuit would be in use, and this is so much better for photos than the National Circuit. Fogarty Esses, Melbourne Hairpin and Goddards all come into play. Missing out the two-wheel Roberts Chicane.

'Name Your Mini' Day - win an official certificate

As part of the trend of "today is National 'insert random topic here' Day", apparently, National Name Your Car Day is coming up soon.

Tying into this phenomenon, MINI is offering 5000 official 'Named' certificates to a selection of owners who sign up and fill in their details on the site.

We all know how much MINI owners love personalising their cars, and an official MINI certificate is one of those things, that you just can't buy (yet).

Click the picture above to find out more.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

BMW statement concerning the current discussion of diesel engines

love:mini hasn't commented on the recent diesel issue because the problem seems to lie solely with Volkswagon and its cars. However, the UK government has launched its own emissions enquiry - which bemuses us - and now MINI's parent company, BMW, who previously had no involvment in the scandal, has felt compelled to release a statement stating that their cars don't use trick emissions technology. All a bit pointless really. Anyway, here's what they said:

Friday, 25 September 2015

MINI Clubman: Official Pictures

MINI has launched its latest generation of the MINI Clubman.  

The new MINI Clubman

Continuation of the generation change in the MINI model family;
new MINI Clubman as an innovative vehicle concept for the premium compact segment; unique combination of functionality, everyday practicality and long-distance suitability offering driving fun, premium charisma and individuality in MINI style.


Mini beanbag competition winner announced!!

A massive congratulations to our latest competition winner - Jo West of M4Minis, who has won a customised BangTidy Clothing Mini-shaped Bean Bag.

These highly detailed and quality-made bean bags will be the envy of your Mini friends, and having only been recently launched, they're still quite exclusive.

What's more, you can customise your own bean bag in the colour and roof design of your choice - plus you can also specify your own personalised registration to appear on the numberplate.

love:mini discount
Sorry to all those who didn't win, but if you just can't go without, you can order from BangTidy Clothing direct with a special 10% discount for love:mini readers.

Use the special code - Minibag - when ordering to get your discount.