Don't Panic! - Slartibartfast Rally announced

Creator of the 'Lovely Crinkly Edges' of Norway honoured with classic car rally in Scandinavia from 23 August to 7 September 2017

Slartibartfast - a character from the 1980's cult book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - now has a new claim to fame: having a classic car rally named after him, which honours his great work creating the fjords of Norway - or the "Lovely Crinkly Edges", as he called them.

Organised by Bespoke Rallies, the two-week event from 23 August to 7 September 2017 starts in The Hague, Holland and visits Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, before arriving at the most northerly port of Norway, Kirkenes. From there, the rally boards a Hurtigruten ferry to Bergen. Drivers disembark each day to drive the fjords, before re-joining the same ship each evening further down the coast.

This unique element of following the ferry means that - for the last six days - participants have a floating hotel, where they can leave their bags while they enjoy the roads, scenery and food.

Commenting on the event, Rally Director John Brigden said: "I have always enjoyed The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and this seemed to be a great opportunity to remember this pioneering and amusing series, as well as hopefully bringing it to a new generation nearly 40 years after it was first published.

"For those who remember the book, there was a character named Ford Prefect, so we are hoping to hear from a Ford Prefect owner who would like to come on the event.

"Coupled with that, we have some of the most spectacular roads and scenery in Europe, from the fjords themselves to the inland mountains with more hairpins than a hairdresser's salon!"

The rally is open to classic cars of all ages and will provide enjoyable competition for those who want it as well as a touring class for participants who just want to take in the journey.

Bespoke Rallies will be attending Race-Retro Classic Car exhibition at Stoneleigh, near Coventry from 24 to 26 February, when potential participants can find us on stand 2-216 in Hall 2 to discuss this and our other rallies.

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