Foliatec Thinners makes Brake Caliper Lacquers sprayable

FOLIATEC®.com offers a range of 25 different Brake Caliper Lacquer colours. Each can comes with a brush but for those who demand smooth perfection the new Brake Caliper Lacquer Thinner allows the Brake Caliper Lacquer to be sprayed on.

FOLIATEC®.com Brake Caliper Lacquers are heat-resistant and seal and preserve the surface. This makes them not only look good for much longer but they also protect brake calipers from chemicals, rust and oil.

Now you have a choice of applying the thick lacquer easily and precisely with a brush or  thin to an ideal viscosity with FOLIATEC®.com’s specially developed Brake Caliper Lacquer Thinner and use a spray gun.

FOLIATEC®.com’s Brake Caliper Lacquer Thinners will also be ideal for throughly cleaning your spray gun after use. The RRP is £6.99.

Order on-line from to find a dealer near you.

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