Mini Spares 5/16" Rocker Adjusting Screw for classic Mini Cooper 'S'

Mini Spares is pleased to announce the release of its own rocker adjusting screws for all Minis using the 5/16" thread size.

The rocker adjuster screws are parts which are often worn but rarely inspected. When both ends of this complex screw are worn they are in dire need of replacement to prevent noisy tappets and improper valve adjustment.

The introduction of this new Mini Spares part allows owners to replace the whole set of screws with reliable quality parts at a reasonable cost.

The screws are sold individually without nuts. They are based on the original Cooper S quality, but with heat treatment to further improve the quality, and will fit any Mini using the 5/16" thread size and half inch AF nut.

They are suitable for use with Mini Spares forged 'S' rocker assemblies.

Mini Spares own brand rocker adjuster screw. Order as AEG167 £1.20 each inc vat.

See for current Euro and Dollar pricing.

Half inch AF nuts may be ordered separately as NT605061.

Mini Spares can also offer genuine Rover rocker adjuster screws as an alternative.
For more details contact Mini Spares on +44 1707 607700 or visit their website:

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