Save your wheels with AlloyGator

Sellers beware these costly mistakes

--    Cosmetic damage can knock hundreds of pounds off asking price
--    Smoking in the car is a no-no
--    Shiny and scratch free alloy wheels will increase appeal

Alloy wheel protection specialist - AlloyGator - is advising motorists how best to look after their cars so they get a top price when selling it.

Cosmetic damage, including alloy wheels scuffs and scrapes, is one of the main offenders that can quickly knock hundreds of pounds off the asking price.

Curt Rathbone, managing director at AlloyGator, explained “A major consideration in determining a vehicle’s worth is the interior and exterior condition. For instance, scuffed wheels are an instant turn-off for many buyers

“Fitting AlloyGators provide major protection for alloy wheels and can pay for themselves many times over when compared to the cost of getting alloys replaced or repaired, never mind how much value the car might lose if the wheels are covered with scuffs, scrapes and dents.”

It has been estimated that damage to alloy wheels can mean as much as £150 per wheel taken off the value, while a damaged windscreen can devalue a car by as much as £300.

Other ways to protect the exterior condition of the car include keeping it in a garage to protect it from the elements, waxing the vehicle a few times a year and washing it regularly.

Easy tips to keep the interior in tip-top condition for selling include not smoking in the vehicle as cigarette smoke is incredibly difficult to remove or cover up, plus investing in car seat covers to help protect the leather or cloth.

What goes on underneath the bonnet can also massively reduce how much a car will sell for but regular servicing can stop small engine issues becoming big issues. It’s just as important to keep a record of the car’s maintenance schedule to give extra reassurance to potential buyers.

Regular oil changes can also prevent major engine problems, while overlooking unusual engine sounds can also be a costly mistake.

“There are many very simple and effective ways that car owners can look after their cars in preparation for when they come to sell, even just by keeping mileage to a minimum.

“How a car looks can also be a deal breaker, especially shiny alloy wheels that add lustre and potential value. A little time spent cleaning out the dirt and grime from the wheels can pay dividends, while fitting AlloyGators will protect from kerbside scuffs and scrapes,” added Curt.

Available in 15 colours and in ‘original’ 13” - 21” or ‘exclusive’ 12” – 24”, AlloyGators are compatible with most wheel types and combinations. The patented super-tough nylon protection system sits between the alloy wheel and tyre, reducing the risk of damage to the rim caused by scuffs on kerbs or potholes. Extending the life of alloy wheels, AlloyGators save motorists time and money on expensive repairs to their wheels.

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